Braids are Here to Stay

Charlize Theron with BraidsPleats, braids or plaits – whatever you call them, they are still popular on and off the red carpet and are the hot style for the season. Sported by numerous celebs, they are perfect for summer, especially if you prefer not to wash your hair every day.

From side braids to milkmaid braids, French, waterfall, fishtails, coils, buns and chignons there are lots of styles and the possibilities are endless and can work on most lengths of hair.

Without going for the full blown pleated up-do a quick and easy way to introduce braiding if you have long hair is to use the pleat as an accessory. Take just a small section of hair from either the fringe or sides and pleat it away from the face leaving the rest of the hair long, casual and unstructured.

The milkmaid look as sported by Sienna Miller is easily created by dividing the hair into 2 sections and braiding both into 2 loose braids before pulling each one over the opposite ear and securing with a Kirby. Tuck in each end and secure by adding more pins if necessary and hairspray. The Milkmaid can be achieved on short hair by using a hair piece.

Another summer trend highlighted on the runway for Marc Jacob’s Winter 2012 collection is the bun. Pull the hair back into a clean tight ponytail, pleat it then fashion it into a bun shape and secure with a Kirby.

A great by product after taking your pleats out are the bundles of soft waves. To quickly create these, section your hair into roughly 4 pleats or two if your hair is fine, pleat them, tie with a band as low as possible then run over the pleat a few times with your GHDs/ hair straighteners. The more loose the pleat the softer the wave when you take them out.

HOLIDAY TIP:  Pleat your hair on holiday if you have wild, unruly texture as it keeps your hair at bay in humidity.

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