Caroline Flack Summer Inspired Hair

HaircareJuly 26th, 2019
Charlie Miller, Styling since 1965

The Love Island presenter, Caroline Flack, has been on our screens all summer long and it’s left us wondering…how does Caroline achieve the perfect summer wave?

So we’ve enlisted the help from some of our top stylists to give us their take on the summer look.

How to get Caroline’s beachy waves

We’ve spoken to Stafford Street’s head stylist, Laura Wyles to hear some of the ways she achieves Caroline’s signature look.

Firstly, Laura uses a large Hot Tools tong to create a looser, beachier vibe. She then sprays the hair with Kérastase’s Aura Botanica Eau de Vagues for that after-surf hair. This product is the key ingredient for that defined, soft Flack-look.

Caroline Flack inspired hair    

It’s all in the colour

Caroline Flack is constantly changing up her colour, whether it’s ombre, balayage or a brush of sun-kissed highlights, she always looks great. We recommend discussing with your stylist the best colour that will work for you, but for some inspiration, check out Laura’s colour recreation below.


*Before and after Balayage colour

Protect your hair in the sun!

It’s not just the sun that lightens your hair, but the heat too! You wouldn’t lounge about in the sun all day without protecting your skin, and the same should be said for your hair and scalp. Caroline’s love for colour experimenting means that sun protection is a must to keep her locks looking flawless.

We’ve spoken to South St Andrew Street’s salon director, Rosslyn Orr to get her take on the best summer hair care for coloured hair. She says, “around the pool you see men and women, who have invested in great colour, applying suntan lotion to the skin to protect it from burning, yet they neglect their hair, and scalp for that matter. I don’t understand this!”

Here’s Rosslyn’s top summer hair tips:

1. “Always apply a protection product to your hair and apply it as often as you would a SPF. The Kérastase summer range have a fabulous spray and cream which I rate so much.”

2. “In the evening shampoo the day away using a product that will give nourishment. Kérastase Soleil shampoo is great, and especially effective at removing chlorine and sea salt!”

3. “Always use heat protection! The Kérastase summer protection oil spray is brilliant for doubling up as you can spray it on damp hair leaving it to dry naturally giving you a beautiful beach look.”

So there you have it, our take on Caroline Flack’s hair!

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