Post-Treatment Hair Series – The Second Cut

Client StoriesMarch 31st, 2021
Charlie Miller, Styling since 1965

Long-term Charlie Miller client, Sarah Howden, is sharing her post-chemotherapy hair journey with us.

Throughout the process, we will be publishing updates from Sarah, as well as sharing advice and recommendations from her stylists Roz and Casey. Along with other stylists across the company, Roz has a wealth of experience in helping clients deal with hair loss during cancer treatment and giving guidance on how best to encourage growth and optimise the health of the hair.

If you missed Sarah’s first blog, you can catch up here.

Reflecting on the First Cut

I have to admit, I was nervous about my first post chemo cut. It has taken me an age to grow what little hair I had, and I was reluctant to lose any length. But, I never forgot stylist Roz telling me pre chemo to come back early for a cut to encourage healthy growth.

Wow, she was right. Trimming the ends of my hair, which were chalky from the effects of chemotherapy, left my hair glossy-looking. The expert cut also injected some much-needed depth and texture, fine-tuning my short hair into a stylish pixie crop. However, as Roz and the team highlighted, I had work to do too – namely, looking after my scalp and hair health to help stimulate cell turnover and maximise growth.

Haircare At Home

Their eponymous sulphate and paraben-free haircare range, which is designed to lock in moisture, sooth scalps and encourage new hair growth, was used religiously and felt seriously indulgent. A little of their products go a long way too making them great investments. As was my Manta hairbrush which I massaged onto my scalp daily to encourage hair growth. After each wash my hair was glossy and healthy looking, the results make for addictive usage!

That first cut – and my new haircare regime – stimulated some serious growth on my sides and back. And just five weeks later, in December, I was in need of a tidy up. I was self-conscious about the lack of growth along my hairline so Roz recommended I add a new product to my skincare regime – L’Oréal Pro Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment. Just like I would diligently use a facial serum every morning and night, this water-based scalp treatment was applied every evening along my hairline and massaged into my scalp, using my Manta brush, to stimulate my follicles and encourage more growth. Then, it was re-applied every morning after my shower.

It’s now January and, if it wasn’t for lockdown, I would be back for another trim…my scalp care regime is clearly working and my hairline has had a serious growth spurt. I suppose this month will allow me to focus on my whole scalp and haircare regime in the hope my next cut gets me more to my cropped hair goal.

Sarah will be back in the salon soon for her first appointment post-lockdown. So keep your eyes peeled for her next update in the coming weeks.

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Manta Brush (also available in Charlie Miller Salons) 

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