Post-Treatment Hair Series – The Third Cut

Client StoriesJuly 29th, 2021
Charlie Miller, Styling since 1965

Sarah’s post-chemotherapy hair journey – The Third Cut

Throughout her process, we have been publishing Sarah’s updates about her hair journey following treatment. In her first blog you can find out how her first visit after treatment made her feel normal. Her second blog describes her delight that by following the scalp hair regime as prescribed by her stylist she began to see healthy new hair growth, giving her hope of reaching her hair goals. The Third Cut brings you right up to date and with colour too!

Identity Struggle

I’ve been struggling with my identity these past few months. After the initial relief of my hair growing back last autumn, followed by my few cuts to encourage healthy growth and hone a style, I started to feel more like the old me. Then, lockdown II happened and my short crop lost its way. And, in turn, I lost my way too. 

You see, I’ve been used having long blonde hair most of my adult life. It shaped how I dressed, what styles and colours I gravitated towards, even the makeup I wore. Now, with short dark hair that was growing wildly in places (sadly not on top as I wanted), my clothing choices looked frumpy or just plain wrong. My makeup needed extra oomph. My colour palette, an overhaul. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror so I avoided going back to the hairdressers thinking I would forgo a trim to let it grow as quickly as possible. 

Eventually, after seeing one particular picture of myself, I realised enough was enough and made an appointment. A teeny tiny trim, I told them on the phone. The third cut. 

On the day, I plucked up the courage to explain how I was feeling. It was the biggest relief. The team instantly put me at ease, explaining precisely why my hair growth had led me to this stage. When you have short hair, and especially when you have short hair post-chemo, little and often is the way to go (as often as every three weeks). Small trims every few weeks would have kept my hair looking sharp, and stimulated my much-longed for growth on top. Instead, I was left with no style. Oops.  


When they suggested colour to give me a further lift, I was initially reluctant. With hair this short, and my seriously warm undertones, it could easily look wrong. But instead of a typical all-over tint or woven highlights, the team recommended a hair gloss with just a hint of colour.   


Hair gloss has been around for a while now and the service does much more than add noticeable radiance and mirror-like shine finish to your hair. It can even fine tune hair colour and add a subtle, semi-permanent tint for a natural-looking hue. For post-chemo hair, it offers a safe and much needed boost to fragile hair.

The team recommended the best colour for me and it was quickly applied and left on for just 20 minutes before my hair was washed and trimmed. The result was a transformation for me. My colour was elevated and enriched, my hair looking super healthy. Even my husband noticed.

And that teeny tiny trim? It made the biggest of difference, both to my look and my confidence. I was back.


We are delighted that stylists Roz and Casey at South St Andrew Street have been there for Sarah and although her hair goal journey is not over, she is looking amazing! We’ll keep you posted as the journey continues.

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