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  1. Post-Treatment Hair Series – The Third Cut

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    Sarah’s post-chemotherapy hair journey – The Third Cut

    Throughout her process, we have been publishing Sarah’s updates about her hair journey following treatment. In her first blog you can find out how her first visit after treatment made her feel normal. Her second blog describes her delight that by following the scalp hair regime as prescribed by her stylist she began to see healthy new hair growth, giving her hope of reaching her hair goals. The Third Cut brings you right up to date and with colour too!

    Identity Struggle

    I’ve been struggling with my identity these past few months. After the initial relief of my hair growing back last autumn, followed by my few cuts to encourage healthy growth and hone a style, I started to feel more like the old me. Then, lockdown II happened and my short crop lost its way. And, in turn, I lost my way too. 

    You see, I’ve been used having long blonde hair most of my adult life. It shaped how I dressed, what styles and colours I gravitated towards, even the makeup I wore. Now, with short dark hair that was growing wildly in places (sadly not on top as I wanted), my clothing choices looked frumpy or just plain wrong. My makeup needed extra oomph. My colour palette, an overhaul. I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror so I avoided going back to the hairdressers thinking I would forgo a trim to let it grow as quickly as possible. 

    Eventually, after seeing one particular picture of myself, I realised enough was enough and made an appointment. A teeny tiny trim, I told them on the phone. The third cut. 

    On the day, I plucked up the courage to explain how I was feeling. It was the biggest relief. The team instantly put me at ease, explaining precisely why my hair growth had led me to this stage. When you have short hair, and especially when you have short hair post-chemo, little and often is the way to go (as often as every three weeks). Small trims every few weeks would have kept my hair looking sharp, and stimulated my much-longed for growth on top. Instead, I was left with no style. Oops.  


    When they suggested colour to give me a further lift, I was initially reluctant. With hair this short, and my seriously warm undertones, it could easily look wrong. But instead of a typical all-over tint or woven highlights, the team recommended a hair gloss with just a hint of colour.   


    Hair gloss has been around for a while now and the service does much more than add noticeable radiance and mirror-like shine finish to your hair. It can even fine tune hair colour and add a subtle, semi-permanent tint for a natural-looking hue. For post-chemo hair, it offers a safe and much needed boost to fragile hair.

    The team recommended the best colour for me and it was quickly applied and left on for just 20 minutes before my hair was washed and trimmed. The result was a transformation for me. My colour was elevated and enriched, my hair looking super healthy. Even my husband noticed.

    And that teeny tiny trim? It made the biggest of difference, both to my look and my confidence. I was back.


    We are delighted that stylists Roz and Casey at South St Andrew Street have been there for Sarah and although her hair goal journey is not over, she is looking amazing! We’ll keep you posted as the journey continues.

    And remember, you can keep up to date with all things Charlie Miller by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To find your nearest salon click here.


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  2. Post-Treatment Hair Series – The Second Cut

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    Long-term Charlie Miller client, Sarah Howden, is sharing her post-chemotherapy hair journey with us.

    Throughout the process, we will be publishing updates from Sarah, as well as sharing advice and recommendations from her stylists Roz and Casey. Along with other stylists across the company, Roz has a wealth of experience in helping clients deal with hair loss during cancer treatment and giving guidance on how best to encourage growth and optimise the health of the hair.

    If you missed Sarah’s first blog, you can catch up here.

    Reflecting on the First Cut

    I have to admit, I was nervous about my first post chemo cut. It has taken me an age to grow what little hair I had, and I was reluctant to lose any length. But, I never forgot stylist Roz telling me pre chemo to come back early for a cut to encourage healthy growth.

    Wow, she was right. Trimming the ends of my hair, which were chalky from the effects of chemotherapy, left my hair glossy-looking. The expert cut also injected some much-needed depth and texture, fine-tuning my short hair into a stylish pixie crop. However, as Roz and the team highlighted, I had work to do too – namely, looking after my scalp and hair health to help stimulate cell turnover and maximise growth.

    Haircare At Home

    Their eponymous sulphate and paraben-free haircare range, which is designed to lock in moisture, sooth scalps and encourage new hair growth, was used religiously and felt seriously indulgent. A little of their products go a long way too making them great investments. As was my Manta hairbrush which I massaged onto my scalp daily to encourage hair growth. After each wash my hair was glossy and healthy looking, the results make for addictive usage!

    That first cut – and my new haircare regime – stimulated some serious growth on my sides and back. And just five weeks later, in December, I was in need of a tidy up. I was self-conscious about the lack of growth along my hairline so Roz recommended I add a new product to my skincare regime – L’Oréal Pro Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment. Just like I would diligently use a facial serum every morning and night, this water-based scalp treatment was applied every evening along my hairline and massaged into my scalp, using my Manta brush, to stimulate my follicles and encourage more growth. Then, it was re-applied every morning after my shower.

    It’s now January and, if it wasn’t for lockdown, I would be back for another trim…my scalp care regime is clearly working and my hairline has had a serious growth spurt. I suppose this month will allow me to focus on my whole scalp and haircare regime in the hope my next cut gets me more to my cropped hair goal.

    Sarah will be back in the salon soon for her first appointment post-lockdown. So keep your eyes peeled for her next update in the coming weeks.

    If you don’t want to miss this series, make sure you are following us on our social channels. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To find your nearest salon click here.

    Products mentioned in this post:

    Charlie Miller Haircare – Hydrate Shampoo (also available in Charlie Miller Salons)

    Charlie Miller Haircare – Hydrate Conditioner (also available in Charlie Miller Salons)

    Manta Brush (also available in Charlie Miller Salons) 

    L’Oréal Pro Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment

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  3. My Client and Me: Rebecca and Elle

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    A strong client-stylist relationship is always at the forefront of our goals, besides great hair of course! Stafford Street Salon Manager, Elle Craik and her client, Rebecca Brown are the perfect example of this.


    Rebecca says:

    “I discovered Elle more than 10 years ago when there was a salon within Harvey Nichols. From day one she was so friendly and put me at ease. To feel relaxed in her company is just great.

    She is such an artist and every style she does for me is brill. And, as for the hair colour; it’s exceptional!

    Charlie Miller is about relaxation and feeling confident in all its expertise.”

    Stafford Street Salon Manager, Elle Craik

    Elle is the L’Oréal colour specialist within our Stafford Street Salon, which is one of the most comprehensive colouring qualifications in hairdressing. She prides herself on providing customers with styles to complement their daily lives, which is especially true for Rebecca. Here’s what Elle has to say about their relationship:

    “Rebecca is warm, caring, and loveable, and everyone in the salon adores her!

    She likes her colour to look like pale marmalade and is very versatile with her style which she likes to leave to me.

    I’ll often base Rebecca’s look on where she is going as she is often out enjoying life with her husband either at the bowling, the club or the pub quiz.”

    Our Client Promise

    When you first enter our salons, our staff begin building a relationship with you from the outset. It’s important that we understand you as a person so we can get an idea of your style and your daily life. We factor these into the creative process to ensure we create the best look for you!

    What do you love about your stylist? Let us know in the comments over on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter


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  4. My Client and Me: Salon Stylists

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    Charlie Miller: My Client and MeCharlie Miller Blow Dry Charlie Miller Hair styling

    Building a relationship with our clients is just as important as learning the skills it takes to become a hairdresser. After all, a good stylist can last a lifetime for a client and at Charlie Miller, we strive to make sure our stylists do exactly that.

    Two salon stylists, Joanna Drummond and Casey Thomson, have been with Charlie Miller for just over 5 years. During their time here, they’ve built strong relationships with every one of their clients, helping them to achieve a look which is right for them.

    Read on to see what their clients say about them!

    Joanna Drummond styling her client at Charlie Miller


    When Joanna met Joanna!

    Joanna Goddard on her stylist, Joanna:

    “I discovered Joanna when she was looking for support during training and needed models to train. I’ve been a client ever since! 

    Joanna is caring and is dedicated to giving me the perfect look. Her sense of style enables her to create haircuts that suit the person no matter their age! Having my hair done at Charlie Miller is so relaxing and I always leave feeling re-energised.”

    Joanna says:

    “I first styled Joanna’s hair when I started my training at Charlie Miller. I’ve actually known her since I was a little girl and always look forward to a catch up in the salon when she comes in.

    We’ve been on a journey with Joanna’s hair and have been maintaining a one-length bob for about a year. We have also been going gradually lighter with her colour! I especially love styling Joanna’s hair for all the black-tie do’s she attends!”



    Casey Thomson styling her client at Charlie MillerWhen Millie met Casey!

    Millie Darling on her stylist, Casey Thomson:

    “I’ve been a client in the salon for the past 6 years and first booked an appointment with Casey in October last year.
    My appointments are very relaxing, and I love chatting with the staff in the salon.

    Casey is talented, funny, gorgeous and very passionate about her work.”

    Casey says:

    “Millie is a student and became my client when another stylist left. I started to style and blow-dry her hair for a few parties. She sports a classic style and always looks stylish.

    Millie is so lovely and kind. We have great chats every time she comes in.”


    Cut and colour appointments can be made with Joanna at Frederick Street salon and South St Andrew Street with Casey. They look forward to welcoming you to the salon soon!

    Keep up to date with all things Charlie Miller and Charlie Miller Haircare on Instagram.




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  5. My Client and Me: Linda and Hannah

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    As Linda and Hannah celebrate a decade of a successful client and stylist partnership. They reflect on why their relationship works and what they love about one another!

    Linda says:

    “I discovered Hannah when she took over from my previous colour stylist at Charlie Miller. Although Hannah has been colouring my hair for the last 9 years, I have my hair styled and cut by India.  

    I’ve been a client at Charlie Miller for about 20 years.  In 1998 I moved from the south of England (where I had been to Molton Brown and Michael John in London,) to Cumbria and until 2010 used to come up from the Lake District every 6 weeks to Charlie Miller for cut and colour.  From 2010 I’ve lived in Edinburgh and Peebles which makes visits much easier!

    Hannah’s attention to detail is superb yet she’s always keen to exchange news about what’s happening in her life and mine. Hannah is warm, friendly and very professional. My favourite thing about having my hair done is enjoying the friendly atmosphere and knowing I will leave the salon looking better than when I arrived!”

    Hannah on styling Linda’s Hair:

    “I feel I have a lovely relationship with Linda and look forward to her visits. She is stylish, glamorous and elegant. I always love hearing what she has been up to! I have been styling Linda’s hair for 10 years and while we have kept the colour of her hair similar, we’ve changed up the style!”

    Appointments with Hannah can be booked online or by calling our Frederick Street salon. We look forward to welcoming you to the salon soon.

    Keep up to date with all things Charlie Miller and Charlie Miller Haircare on Instagram.


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  6. My Client and Me: John and Miriam

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    John Denholm has been a client of Charlie Miller for more than 4 decades! Having first had his hair cut by our founder Charlie Miller, John’s permanent stylist now is Miriam from our Ocean Terminal salon.

    Meet Client, John and Stylist, Miriam!

    John on Miriam and why he keeps coming back:

    “I have been a client at Charlie Miller for over 40 years now and discovered Miriam when I tried the Ocean Terminal salon upon it’s opening in 2005.

    Miriam is friendly and professional. She has consistently given me good results over the years …despite me give her less to work with! Miriam can run a 10k race in less than an hour, proving you can combine artistry with sporting prowess!”

    Miriam says:

    “John was one of Charlie’s clients before I started cutting his hair. He is always keen to try new styles whenever I suggest them. John is smart, professional and always has interesting conversations! I always enjoy our chat.”

    Appointments with Miriam can be booked online or by calling our Ocean Terminal salon. We look forward to welcoming you to the salon soon.

    Keep up to date with all things Charlie Miller and Charlie Miller Haircare on Instagram.






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  7. My Client and Me: Lynsey and Iain

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    Lynsey has been Iain’s go-to-stylist at our Stockbridge salon for over 5 years now! Read below their secret to a successful client/stylist relationship.

    Meet Iain and Lynsey

    Iain about Lynsey:

    ‘I discovered Lynsey by chance by booking into [Lynsey’s previous salon] Frederick Street  about five years ago and she gave me such a good cut that she’s been cutting my hair since. My favourite thing about having my hair done at Charlie Miller is knowing that I’ll have a great experience:  great welcome, nice people and a great haircut by the time I leave.

    Lynsey has a fantastic, warm personality, is great at her job and we always have a laugh when I’m in. She is professional, bubbly and smart.’

    Lynsey says:

    ‘Iain is successful, witty and generous and the owner of Arbikie, the company that supplies our gin to the salon. He is super successful in his field and so down to earth. I enjoy his visit every 5 weeks as we have a good giggle and cover a lot of topics one being his gin – which I love!’

    Lynsey on being Iain’s Stylist :‘I first cut Iain’s hair about 5 years ago. We have since built up a mutual understanding of each other’s sense of humour and the time has flown by. Iain’s cut had changed over the years from a classic gent to more short and tailored. Sometimes his parting will change but that’s not normally his choice, it occurs with too much blethering.’

    Appointments with Lynsey can be booked online or by calling our Stockbridge salon. We look forward to welcoming you to the salon soon.

    Keep up to date with all things Charlie Miller and Charlie Miller Haircare on Instagram.

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  8. My Stylist & Me Exhibition

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    This year we have teamed up with Ocean Terminal shopping centre to celebrate the relationships we enjoy with our clients, depicted through an exhibition: My Stylist & Me’.

    At Charlie Miller, we believe the relationship between clients and stylists is at the heart of our business. Moreover, each relationship is unique which became even more apparent through working on this real-life photo exhibition. Visit the exhibition, which runs until the end of January, and you can also enter our monthly competition to win a Cut & Colour.


    Behind the Scenes

    Each participating stylist invited one of their clients to come into salon to take part in a photo shoot. Client’s had their hair styled and make-up applied for the photograph. To complete the project, clients and stylists answered questions about their relationship.

    In the photographs, you get a feel for how much effort our team put in to making this a magical experience and an even better result!

    We hope you love the exhibition as much as we do!

    The exhibition is live until January 2019 and you can view the gallery by visiting Ocean Terminal shopping centre:

    My Stylist & Me Exhibition
    The Image Collective Gallery
    Management Suite, 2nd Floor
    Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre
    EH6 6JJ


    In celebration of My Stylist & Me, we are also running a prize draw to win a CUT & COLOUR appointment at the Ocean Terminal salon. Entries can be made at the exhibition venue stated above.

    Two winners will be chosen at random and announced on 28th December and again on 31st January. GOOD LUCK!

    Terms and Conditions
    • This prize is open to everyone aged 16 or over.
    • This prize draw is in no way endorsed by Facebook or Instagram.
    •  Voucher valid until 29th July 2019, excluding weekends and February 2019.
    •  Cut & colour with Joanna from Charlie Miller Ocean Terminal.

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  9. Client Stories: Alex Rogers and Emily Keen

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    Emily has been looking after Alex’s hair for around 3 years and despite moving to the west he still comes back for that regular haircut. Read on and discover Emily’s secret!

    Meet Alex and Emily

    Alex about Emily:

    My favourite thing about having my hair done by Emily is walking out of the door feeling like a new man (and the mid-wash head massage is a pleasure). Emily always knows how to tailor my haircut with her expertise, judgement and imagination. She is a confident and imaginative professional.  Creating a look that fits my personal style is no problem for her. I think of David Beckham as my own personal style icon but also everybody else’s.

    New experiences and challenges inspire me and Emily manages to create a look that’s just right to take on anything!

    Emily on her secret for success

    Emily says;  ‘Alex is such a full of life character that I always look forward to him coming in. He has such a genuine personality which makes him a very easy person to get along with and lovely to chat to. He’s always got great stories about his travels and everywhere he has been. I have been cutting his hair for graduation and family photos and before many of his trips. Because of his adventurous spirit, he’s very open to change with his hair and is always looking for suggestions on what I think would work best with his hair. He is quite laid back and most of the time lets me do what I think is best. Cutting Alex’s hair is always refreshing.’

    Appointments with Emily can be booked at the click of button with our online app and you can view our price list here. We look forward to welcoming you to the salon soon.

    Keep up to date with all Charlie Miller news, events, offers and stories by joining us on Instagramtwitter and Facebook. Our hashtag is #cmhairdressing.

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  10. Client Stories: Shona Bathgate & Miriam Begg

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    A little bit of tranquillity in a busy day, client Shona Bathgate describes her regular salon visits. Shona’s relationship with Miriam Begg has been a success so far, but what else bonds the two?

    Shona says, “I discovered the salon as it’s close to my place of work and Miriam has been cutting my hair for a long time now. She is beautifully stylish, fun and friendly and understands what works for me. Over the years she and my colourist Tammy, have saved me from some of my more questionable hair requests. I compete in long distance triathlons so my hair has to be practical and a bit edgy.”

    Miriam says, “Shona became a client at least 10 years ago when another stylist was off sick and that day we chatted about different style options. I convinced her to go short and she’s been short ever since. I’m more likely to do her hair for a triathlon or the Ironman competitions as that takes up a big part of her life but she still likes to look good while doing this. She has a great spirit and loves to experiment with undercuts and different hair colours. As a professional mum of two who works full time she would give anyone in their 20’s or 30’s a run for their money. Shona is very inspiring and in fact she made me believe in myself to run the Edinburgh marathon. Most of our chat is about running and a love of food and wine. She is inspirational, fearless and fashionable!”

    Appointments with Miriam or any of our talented stylists across Charlie Miller’s five Edinburgh salons, can be booked online here.

    Keep up to date with all news, events, offers and stories by joining us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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  11. Client Stories: Chrissie Heughan & Hayley Wilson

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    In 1994 during her student years at Edinburgh College of Art Chrissie Heughan was a hair model at Stafford Street for the trainees of that time. She has been a client ever since and for the past 3 years Chrissie can be found sitting in the chair at the salon in Ocean Terminal being looked after by her stylist Hayley. What is it that professional artist Chrissie (mum to Outlander star Sam Heughan) and stylist Hayley enjoy about each appointment?


    Being an artist is really a lifestyle yet means there’s not a lot of what one would call “spare time” and although I enjoy sport, cinema and the theatre there’s nothing more relaxing than a head massage at the salon. It’s my favourite think and chill time! I love that they don’t do fuss! Then it’s over to Hayley and the calm, careful and professional journey continues in her chair. She completely understands my hair and all its challenges and it’s always well cut, smooth and manageable.


    I started blow drying Chrissie’s hair about 3 years ago when I was a trainee. She came in often for model blow dries and was always very patient and helpful when it came to discussing her challenging thick hair. Chrissie and I both know how much hair she has and it often seems that no matter how much I cut there’s always more; it’s never ending but Chrissie trusts me fully on all advice I give her on what’s best for her hair type. I’m delighted that after qualifying Chrissie followed me to my new salon Ocean Terminal and now comes to me as a full paying client for both colour and cutting services. I find Chrissie a very funny, friendly and interesting lady.

    Appointments with Hayley, or any of our talented stylists across Charlie Miller’s five luxury Edinburgh salons, can be booked at the click of button with our online app and you can view our price list here. We look forward to welcoming you to the salon soon.

    Keep up to date with all Charlie Miller Hairdressing news, events, offers and stories by joining us on Instagramtwitter and Facebook. Our hashtags are #cmhairdressing and #50YrsTogether.

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  12. Client Stories; Meet Sophie Tulloch and India Miller

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    When asked to think about her very first client to feature in our 50 Years Together magazine India Miller immediately thought of Sophie Tulloch and as the photo highlights the smiley duo are very happy in each other’s company. Let us introduce you….

    India-&-Sophie-B&W2Sophie Tulloch
    ‘I used to get my hair cut in London but I had this fringe that was driving me crazy so I walked into Stafford Street and got an appointment with India. She’d just become engaged to Jason and was starting out in her career. I thought she was one of the nicest people I’d met and she completely got what I needed. 

    We’ve tried different hairstyles over the years. I trust her implicitly. She’s professional and friendly and I always feel very welcome. I’ve been to different Charlie Miller salons with her over the years. If India moves…..I follow.’

    India Miller 
    Sophie has been a really easy person to get to know as a client. We immediately clicked from the very first appointment. We have a comfy, flexible relationship. In a way we’ve grown up together. We’ve gone through the birth and parenting of our children together and now there’s an unspoken friendship and care for each other.

    Sophie’s very natural and open, and incredibly honest and caring. She’s very relaxed about her hair. We always have a good giggle whenever she comes in to the salon. How best to describe Sophie? She’s like a lovely hug.’

    Charlie Miller Hairdressing has five luxury salons across Edinburgh. Find us at Frederick Street, South St Andrew Street, Holy Corner, Ocean Terminal and Stafford Street. It’s easy to book online using our app and you can view our price list here. We hope to welcome you soon.

    Keep up to date with all our competitions, offers, news and stories by joining us on Instagramtwitter and Facebook.  Search hashtags #cmhairdressing and #50YrsTogether.


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  13. Client Stories; Clare Meredith and Jason Miller

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    Our latest ‘Client Stories’ interview features Jason Miller, Joint Managing Director and one of his first ever clients Clare Meredith, whose relationship began almost 32 years ago when Clare first visited Charlie Miller’s Stafford Street Salon. Let us introduce you.

    Meet Clare Meredith and Jason Miller;

    Jason-&-Clare-MeredithClare says;
    ‘I had young children at the time, so having my hair cut was a bit of a luxury. The fact that Jason was a junior stylist back then was a bonus. He always makes me feel comfortable. Everyone’s like that in the salon. It’s very inclusive and non-judgmental. Jason’s a wonderful people person and wise beyond his years.

    I love the fact that I get more than a haircut when I visit. I get a view on life and the universe. He influences me in all sorts of ways. He gave me the confidence not to colour my hair.’

    Jason says;
    ‘Clare must have come in during my first week as a stylist. She restores paintings and has won top awards in her field, so we always have really interesting conversations. When I plucked up the courage to tell her I paint she gave me an amazing book about pigment and how artists make paint. She was so encouraging as I was starting to dabble, which epitomises her kindness and interest in others. She has recommended me to friends and colleagues and they all adore her too. People like Clare really enrich your career.’

    Appointments with Jason Miller, or any of our amazing stylists across our five luxury Edinburgh salons can be booked at the click of button with our online app. View our price list here. We look forward to welcoming you to the salon soon.

    Keep up to date with all Charlie Miller Hairdressing news, events, offers and stories by joining us on Instagramtwitter and Facebook. Our hashtags are #cmhairdressing and #50YrsTogether.


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